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Adult Wellness Coach Job Information
Job Type Full-Time
Category Functional Support Services
Sub Category Adult
Posted 03/17/2017
Minimum Education College
Degree Title Bachelor's
Minimum Experience 3 Year (Personal Trainer Certification required)

The Wellness Coach provides community-based counseling services to adults with mental health issues. This position provides support and education related to emotional wellness, physical activity, and balanced nutrition to address therapeutic goals as outlined in the treatment plan. The Wellness Coach works independently in community settings with individual clients and may also lead group activities. This position requires the collection of data essential to measuring outcomes of client participation and progress. The Wellness Coach works collaboratively with clinical and medical providers to advance and support integrated care services. Counseling interventions will be based in the community setting such as home, school, work, gym and other social environments. This is a full time, 35 hour a week position.

Major Functional Areas and Description of Duties

Provides community based support services within the InSHAPE program to adults to insure implementation of client’s wellness goals; duties include the following:

  • Provides supportive and motivational counseling, client-centered goal planning, and fitness and nutrition training to improve mental, emotional, and physical wellness;
  • Works collaboratively with clients, treatment team, medical providers, and natural supports to establish and implement Individualized Wellness Plan;
  • Executes treatment interventions that effectively address symptoms and behaviors that currently inhibit insight, independence, recovery and overall wellness;
  • Encourages client participation and movement along the continuum of wellness-related lifestyle changes;
  • Articulates and documents treatment interventions effectively;
  • Administers wellness assessments and submits on time;
  • Communicates symptoms, behaviors, strategies, and interventions to the clinical team;
  • Works with clients to identify and establish resources and wellness support system outside of treatment team;
  • Maintains professional codes of conduct and ethics;
  • Performs any additional duties assigned by supervisor.

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional interpersonal and relationship building skills; will have experience working collaboratively with one or more individuals to help accomplish a goal or behavior change; will be highly organized and have the ability to manage their own schedule with clients and group commitments; and have the ability to manage a balance of direct care and documentation responsibilities.

Additional desired experience includes training in motivational interviewing and motivational strategy building, being physically active, readily identifying with and believing in the holistic benefits of good health and possessing a commitment to decrease health disparity and social stigma for individuals with mental illness.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelors Degree in Health Science, Social Work, Rehabilitation, Psychology, Education or related field;
  • Personal Trainer Certification and local gym membership are required and the responsibility of candidate to maintain during employment.
Preferred Skills

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

  • Ability to work in multiple settings (community, home, school, work, gym, etc.);
  • Regularly demonstrate or explain proper nutrition practices, physical fitness activities, techniques and procedures;
  • Ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time;
  • Ability to lift up to 25 pounds;
  • Manual dexterity to use computers and standard office equipment is required.
  • A driver’s license with a clean driving record, vehicle and auto insurance are required, as transporting clients as well as home and community visits to clients is expected.

Center for Life Management is an equal opportunity employer.


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