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January 10, 2018

CLM Employees Recognized for Service Year MilestonesEmployeeRecognitionCropped

Congratulations and thank you to this wonderful group of CLM employees recently honored at a Recognition Luncheon for their years of dedication and service to CLM. Each of the staff members were honored by their supervisors who shared wonderful tributes to the commitment and talents of this tremendous group of staff members.

It is our "people power" that makes a difference every day in the lives of the clients and communities we serve. We are very proud of the skilled, professional and compassionate individuals on our staff.

Pictured along with their years of service are:
Front Row, L to R: Julie Robichaud (15), Stephanie Cuthbert (10), Lee Boudreau (20), Lynda Silegy (10), Sarah Cadek (10), Sandra Norton (15), Danielle Alpers (5), Carla McKenzie (10), Caroline Winn (10). Second Row, L to R: Michael Bergeron (30), Victoria Dussault (5), Erin Wood (10), Vic Topo, Kerry Ali (5), Ashley O’Donnell (5)
Not pictured, but recognized for their service were: Patrick Carr (5), Stephen Consoli (10), Rebecca Kentner (5), Julie Lago (5), Karissa White (5).