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November 12, 2018

Donation Drive in Observance of Veterans DayVeteranDrive IMG 0197V2

Honoring the service of our veterans. CLM’s Employee Events Committee recently held a Donation Drive to benefit the Derry Veterans Assistance Fund (DVAF). Members of the committee gathered the collected items that were donated to the DVAF in observance of Veterans Day.

The DVAF was established in 2016 by a desire to help those who have served in our country's armed forces in our community. Their goal is to work with other local organizations to help identify, assist and connect veterans in need with resources they may not know are available to them as well as provide assistance if there is a waiting period before resources are made available to them. The hope is that, through this guidance, no veteran in our community will have to sacrifice more than they have already in protecting our freedoms and liberty.

For more information about the DVAF click here.