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Community Residence for Seniors to Close in Derry

January 7, 2015

CLM has announced we will be closing a 15-bed community group residence for seniors located in Derry by early March of 2015. According to Vic Topo, President and CEO, the decision and planned closing of the residential program was recently approved by the organization's Board of Directors.

The Center for Life Management has operated the Beaver Lake Lodge residence located at 38 North Shore Road since 1988. During that time it has served as a group home for seniors living with mental illness.

"After exploring many options, we have come to the difficult decision to close our community residence in Derry," states Topo. "Residents and their families have been informed of the planned program closing and have been reassured that we have already initiated the process to find appropriate alternative housing placements for each individual resident." Topo emphasizes that the planned timeframe for the closing will be early March 2015, but timing will be kept flexible to ensure that all residents are settled into appropriate alternative settings. He also noted that as needed the residents will continue to receive the ongoing support of the full spectrum of services they receive from CLM including clinical services, community-based case management and functional support services as well as 24/7 emergency service support.

Topo notes that the most significant factor in the decision was that the program is housed in an aging building that has and would continue to require significant and costly improvements in order to maintain the quality and safety of living conditions for the residents. "The financial impact of adequately maintaining the facility simply has become too costly to justify and we made the difficult decision that these consumers will be best served in alternative community settings," says Topo.