Board of Directors

ChairpersonJoseph Crawford, MEd
Vice ChairpersonRebecca Sanborn, JD
SecretaryCaptain Vernon Thomas
TreasurerMichael Delahanty, EdD
President & CEOVic Topo, MSW
Board MembersMaria Bertolone
Adam Burch, DC, MPH
Susan Davis, BA
Maria Gudinas, MPA
David Hebert, MBA
Chris Kotulak, DC
Ron Lague, CPA, CVA
Stephanie Savard, MSW, LICSW

Be a Part of CLM’s Mission

Key Roles of CLM Board Members:

  • On behalf of the organization, become informed about CLM’s mission and vision, strategic and operating goals, policies and programs in order to support, advance and advocate on behalf the organization. Support the President and CEO in making the Mission and Vision a reality.
  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in Board (10 annually) and Committee meetings as assigned.
  • Participate in open, transparent, and sensitive discussions and respect consensus and confidentiality. Focus on “what matters most”, and apply individual knowledge and experience to help the organization face challenges, build on strengths and successfully implement strategic initiatives.
  • Serve on at least one Board Committee. which include: Executive, Audit/Finance, Governance, Quality Improvement, and Ad Hoc committees as needed.
  • Take an active role in community engagement and philanthropy. Each Board member is expected to engage with community partners as well as prospective donors at a personal level to introduce and familiarize them with CLM, serve as a well-informed brand ambassador and champion of the organization’s mission.
  • Each Board member is expected to make a personal, tax-deductible contribution at least once per year at a level reasonable to the individual. Active and enthusiastic participation in special events and fund raising e.orts is encouraged.

Why Consider Joining CLM’s Board of Directors?

Perhaps you have professional or personal experience that could benefit the mission of CLM?

Perhaps you have been very fortunate in your personal and professional life, and desire to give back to those less fortunate?

Perhaps you simply care deeply about the well-being of those in the community around you, and want to contribute to making life better for others?

Community Impact*

  • 5,076 individuals received care in 11 communities
  • 1,571 were children and teens
  • 3,505 were adults
  • 429 people participated in the Child Impact Program
  • 68 children received services from the Children’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team
  • 93 Seniors participated in the Referral Education Assistance and Prevention (REAP) program which delivers short-term, confidential counseling and educational services at no cost
  • $2.5M uncompensated care cases
  • a 24% increase over last year
The need for CLM to partner with individual donors and organizational funders is essential if our communities are to be healthy and successful.
Our Charitable Care Assistance Program made up the shortfall assisting families with no ability to pay for their care. This critical program fulfills the mission of CLM in providing care to everyone who needs it regardless of insurance coverage or financial circumstances.

*(FY20 ended June 30, 2020)

Be a Part of CLM’s Mission

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