Understand, accept, and manage difficult feelings with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

by Susan West, LCMHC Adult Community Services Supervisor You may have heard about dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and wondered “What is DBT and what can it do for me?” DBT focuses on helping people accept the reality of their lives and their behaviors, as well as helping them learn to make changes in their […]

DHHS Unveils Mission Zero Plan to End ED Boarding

The NH Department of Health and Human Services held a Press Conference on Thursday, September 7th to discuss Mission Zero – a collaborative effort to eliminate hospital emergency department (ED) psychiatric boarding by 2025. CLM was pleased to be asked to host the event at our Derry site! The work to address ED boarding reduction […]

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

In May of 2023, the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, issued a rare, 19 page, public health advisory on the harmful effects of social media on youth mental health, stating that “Children are exposed to harmful content on social media, ranging from violent and sexual content, to bullying and harassment. And for too many […]

Hope for First Episode Psychosis

When a person experiences a first episode of psychosis (FEP) it is often a confusing, distressing experience for the individual and their family members. Psychosis usually first appears in a person’s late teens or early twenties. Increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of psychosis promotes early detection and appropriate treatment and, in turn, more […]

Treating Depression at the Source: One Pulse at a Time

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy, offered at the Center for Life Management, uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to target key areas of the brain that are underactive in people with depression. For individuals ages 18+ who have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and have not experienced relief from antidepressants, TMS treatment might be right for them. […]

Interview with Angie Moran, Housing Coordinator, Path Outreach Supervisor At CLM

How does Center for Life Management provide assistance to those suffering from homelessness? Our department is called the Supported Housing and Homeless Outreach Department. Within the department, we have “PATH” which stands for Projects for Assistance in Transitioning from Homelessness. Myteam member Derekis my PATH Outreach Worker and I do PATH Outreach with Derek as […]

Identifying and Coping with Languishing

“Languishing” has been one of the mental health buzzwords of the COVID era. The term was coined back in 2002 by sociologist Corey Keyes but brought more into the public spotlight by this New York Times article last year. Depression is an extremely prevalent mental illness, with approximately 18 million people in the United States are diagnosed with clinical […]

CLM Partners With Windham Police Department on Vital Acute Care Services Program

On Monday, August 22, CLM presented an information session on NH Rapid Response Access Point and Mobile Crisis Response at an event hosted by the Atkinson Fire Department at the Atkinson Community Center. View the video detailing the program here. The mental health crisis is impacting our community on a daily basis. Community members oftentimes do […]