CLM Recognized by NH Citizen’s Health Initiative

The NH Citizens Health Initiative (NHCHI) works within heath care practices and systems to improve health, improve quality of care, and reduce costs for all New Hampshire residents. Jennifer Lesieur, Director of Quality Improvement and Corporate Compliance, presented on behalf of CLM at the recent NHCHI Symposium. The presentation was on the use of a variety of evidenced-based Quality Improvement change tools which are in current practice throughout our agency.

Through the use of these tools, meeting structures have become more effective uses of staff time as we have been able to streamline common goals and action steps. We’ve improved follow through and effectiveness, increased creative and collaborative thinking, and improved interaction in the workplace by focusing on working cohesively as teams. We are breaking down siloes of care! We have been able to increase staff investment in new project initiatives, find meaning in change, and critically approach new ideas that promote client whole health wellness with excitement. Through sharing our story of trial and tribulations with implementation of the tools, we have been able to inspire other practices across the New England region to implement the same approaches.

CLM was presented with a Certificate of Recognition from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Pictured from L to R: NHCHI and CLM Staff are Jean Ryer, Vic Topo, Katherine Cox, Steve Arnault, Jennifer Lesieur, Celia Felsenberg, Jan Thomas.