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Being a part of a therapy group can be helpful and empowering.

CLM’s Adult Community Support Program (CSP) regularly offers a number of psycho-therapeutic and skill-building groups focused on helping adults attain success. Led by clinicians, the groups cover a variety of topics. Being a part of a therapeutic group can be a profound, powerful and helpful experience. For more information on groups, topics and to register, please call Tammy Branca at 603-965-0604

At this time, unless in-person is indicated, most groups are being held via Telehealth on Microsoft TEAMS. In upcoming sessions, group topics being offered include:


Man Cave – Young Men’s Group

Focus is to teach young men with special learning needs how to gain the confidence to engage in healthy and appropriate relationships by learning skills to improve their self-esteem, perspective-taking, conversation skills, and friendships. This group will improve problem-solving, social competence, emotion recognition, theory of mind skills, and will help clients gain knowledge of life changes. Most major plans accepted; co-pay may apply.

I Accept Me (I Am) – Women’s Group

The focus of this group is to learn and understand guilt and shame. It will focus on helping group participants move beyond shame and toward self-empathy and compassion. This psychoeducational group will focus on helping participants identify and evaluate the causes of the guilt and shame they experience, better understand the bodies’ response to shame, and how to make changes to move beyond guilt and shame. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans; co-pay may apply.


Art from the Heart (Ages 18+)

Art from the Heart will support the process of healing, clearing the mind, honoring self-expression, building self-esteem, gaining self-awareness, and developing coping skills to reduce anxiety and depression. Participants do not need any previous art experience to benefit from this group. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans; co-pay may apply.

Breathe Easy: Smoking Cessation Support Group

Have you ever thought about quitting smoking? Experience support, education, and connection as we explore strategies, methods, and approaches for living a smoke-free life. This group is covered by Medicaid and most health plans; co-pay may apply.

This six-week group supports participants with learning techniques to fuse yoga and breathing in order to improve symptoms of chronic pain and improve mental health symptoms. Designed to help participants develop functional balance and mobility through strength training, yoga and breathwork. The program is designed to increase physical activity, reduce pain/discomfort, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase a mind/body connection, improve mobility, strength and balance and improve self-confidence/body image. Group is covered by Medicaid only.

Move Ease: Chronic Pain Management Group (Meets in-person)

This group will support adults who are experiencing chronic pain. The Move Easy is an in-person, therapy-based group. This group will help clients develop skills to manage pain, manage common symptoms associated with chronic pain, learn relaxation techniques, exercises and healthy nutrition options. This program is designed to help increase the individual’s ability to self-manage pain, reduce pain/discomfort, increase a mind/body connection, and improve communication skills regarding symptoms experienced. Group is covered by Medicaid and most health plans; co-pay may apply.

Reconnecting After Brain Injury (Meets in-person)

This group is open to adults who are living with a brain injury and want to learn more about how it can impact their mental health. The group focuses on education and will encourage peer support with various activities to strengthen brain function(s) in a safe,
reassuring environment. Each week will build off the prior week’s activity and will discuss new brain regions/functions. Clients will explore strategies and techniques to assist in their recovery journey. Group is covered by most health plans; co-pay may apply.


The Way to Wellness – Illness Management and Recovery Group (Ages 18+)

Establish and reach personal recovery goals, gain confidence and increase self-awareness in personal choices, enhance coping skill use to reduce stress, symptoms, psychiatric and substance use relapse, and identify health ways to take care of oneself and live life in balance. The eleven topic areas include: recovery strategies, understanding mental illness and diagnoses, impact of stress vulnerability, building social supports, using medications effectively, impact of substance use, relapse prevention, coping with stress, coping with problems and symptoms, understanding the mental health system, and healthy lifestyles. Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is an evidence-based practice that promotes hope, personal responsibility and solutions to manage and overcome impact of mental illness. Covered by Medicaid.

Dare to Begin you Transformation (DBT Group)

DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that is designed to teach effective life skills, from learning how to balance opposing ideas, to managing conflict in relationships, to finding peace within us. Covered by most health plans; co-pay may apply.


Staying on Track (Women ages 18+)

This Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group for women will focus on reinforcing skills to maintain sobriety and manage co-occurring mental health symptoms. Participants will work to build on successes made in earlier recovery and gain support with facing challenges that may emerge in this stage of sobriety. The format of each group session will include check in, weekly topic and open discussion of recovery related issues for the purpose of mutual support from other women participants that emphasizes self-care, preventing relapse, and repairing domains of life that have been harmed through the process of addiction. Participants must have at least a year’s sobriety or have previously attended the CHANGES group in order to join the Staying On Track group. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans; co-pay may apply.


A MATRIX model-based group approach to substance use recovery. MATRIX is an evidence-based, positive approach to treatment that invites participants to change their life by acquiring a better understanding of addiction/their relationship to substances. The goal of the group is to provide individuals an opportunity to deal with thinking patterns that have led to their involvement with the criminal justice system as well as offer support around structuring a substance-free lifestyle. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans; co-pays may apply.

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