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Helping children and teens attain success

CLM’s Child, Adolescent and Family services regularly offers a number of psycho-therapeutic and skill-building groups focused on helping children and teens attain success. Led by children’s clinicians, the groups are geared to specific age groups and cover a variety of topics including anxiety disorders, anger management, self-esteem, social skills, substance use, grief/loss, dialectic behavioral therapy, emotional regulation. Being a part of a therapeutic group can be a profound, powerful and helpful experience for children and teens.

Groups are covered by most major health plans, co-pays may apply. Self-payment is also an option and if interested, should be discussed when registering.

To enroll in one of the groups listed below please contact the Access to Care Department at 603-434-1577. In upcoming sessions, group topics being offered include:

Motivation Nation (Ages 14-17)

This six-week solution-focused group is open to adolescents struggling to manage symptoms leading to school avoidance. Group members will learn how to identify, recognize and understand personal strengths and goals to increase their motivation, self-confidence and challenge negative thought patterns in all areas of life. Strength-based interventions will guide weekly reflection and artistic activities. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans, co-pay may apply.

Growing Socially (Ages 8-11)

This seven-week psycho-educational group will focus on learning social skills that kids will be able to use in their day to day lives. Each week will have a new focus including mindfulness, emotion regulation, communication skills, making friends, conflict resolution, and being able to deal with bullying. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans.

Oceans of emotions

Seven Challenges (Ages 16+)

In this six- week group participants will learn The Seven Challenges for young adults that incorporates work on alcohol and other drugs problems. It is designed to motivate youth and young adults to evaluate their lives, consider changes they may wish to make, and then success in implementing the desired changes. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans, co-pay may apply.

Calming Minds (Ages 11- 14)

This is a six-week group where group members will learn about anxiety and explore different coping strategies including CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and mindfulness techniques. This group is particularly appropriate for those with generalized anxiety, worries about the future and other’s expectations. The focus of this group will be developing a better understanding of anxiety and identifying coping skills that the group members can use in their daily lives. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans, co-pay may apply.

Becoming a Confident Me (Ages 11 – 14)

This six-week group will explore self-esteem and ways to increase it. Group members will learn the meaning of self-esteem and how to face common barriers. They will also learn and practice skills for improving self-esteem through a variety of means including art, music, mindfulness, grounding, mutual support, identifying strengths and support networks. Covered by Medicaid and most health plans, co-pay may apply.

Live and Learn Parenting Series

This ten-week series is open to parents/guardians/caregivers of children of all ages who feel as if they are in constant or frequent conflict with their children. Topics will include learning about different styles of parenting, factors that influence behavior, how to increase positive interactions with their child, as well as various tools to lower the frequency of conflict with their children. Caregivers will also be able to receive support from each other by sharing their own lived experiences. There is no cost to attend; pre-registration is required.

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