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Emergency Services

When episodes or periods of emotional crisis happen in our lives unexpectedly CLM offers an array of emergency services for our clients and our community. The services CLM offers are designed to provide additional support and treatment to individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis while assisting them in stabilizing their condition to get them back to their daily routine as quickly as possible.

Depending on each individual situation and need, Emergency Services may provide any one or a combination of the following services:

A telephone crisis assessment is a short assessment of the crisis and creation of a crisis plan to help an individual remain safe in the community when possible.

When a friend or family has concerns regarding a person in crisis, CLM offers support and guidance to the friend or family to help them help their loved one in crisis.

24/7 CLM offers Emergency Assessments to clients who may need higher levels of psychiatric or dual diagnosis treatment. Many assessments are completed at our office and others are completed by our Crisis Team via telehealth by phone or video. Emergency Services assesses anyone whom is in crisis regardless of age, residence or ability to pay (minors require a parent or guardian on site to complete assessment).

Crisis Stabilization is an office-based, short-term intervention that involves an intensive, comprehensive assessment and crisis planning of those whom are remaining in the community but are in a state of crisis or risk due to recent stressors and events. Quick stabilization of the individual's symptoms through therapeutic crisis planning and support is the primary goal of this intervention. These intensive crisis services are often utilized to help transition those hospitalized back into the community to help ensure that they maintain their new stability.

Emergency Services will assess the need for a psychiatric admission and discuss treatment options with the individual and family (if appropriate) to ensure that the most appropriate treatment options are accessed. If hospitalization is needed then CLM Emergency Services will facilitate the admission and obtain an authorization from the insurance, when applicable.

CLM's MD/APRN providers provide support to Emergency Services staff on nights and weekends to address any medication-related questions or concerns that arise.

In addition to these services some of CLM's Emergency Services clinicians also volunteer with the NH Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team, or engage in Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing support to our local schools, organizations or community groups coping with the after effects of a traumatic incident.

Emergency Services can be reached 24/7 at: (603) 434-1577 Option 1

Emergency Services Locations:

  • 10 Tsienneto Rd., Derry, NH

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